25-Satya Narayana Vrata-3.

  3. The Story of a Merchant-3.

    Sadhu was on his way back to his native village when Lord Satya Narayana appeared before him in the guise of a mendicant and asked him what he had in the boat.

Sadhu suspected that the mendicant might ask him for some money.

He therefore replied that there were bundles of leaves only in the boat.

    The mendicant replied, “Your words will come true, O merchant!”

    That night, while Sadhu was on his usual round of checking the contents of the boat, he found that the jewels had indeed all turned into leaves!

He realised that this was due to uttering falsehood to the mendicant.

He quickly went out in search of the mendicant, found him in a secluded spot and begged his pardon.

    The mendicant sternly said, “You have not kept up your promise of observing the Satya Narayana Vrata.”

Then he revealed his true identity to the merchant, gave him words of solace and disappeared.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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