25-Satya Narayana Vrata-4.

4.The Story of King Tungadhwaja-1.

    One day King Tungadhwaja went out hunting.

 After walking a long distance he was overcome by fatigue.

He sat under a banyan tree.

Some boys of the cowherd class were performing the Vrata of Satya Narayana in the vicinity of the banyan tree.

The boys came to know that a king was resting under the tree.

One of them respectfully took some prasad and placed it before the king.

    The king did not want to attend the function, nor prostrate before the Lord.

He did not take the prasad either.

In fact, he cast a look of disgust at the offering, and proudly returned to his capital.

The Lord wanted to teach the king a lesson.

The king was given the news that his sons and daughters died and his whole property was destroyed.

He inwardly understood that this was due to the disrespect he had shown to the Lord and His prasad.

He repented very much for his wrong doing.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....