HINDU FASTS & FESTIVALS : -26-2-1-3.1.5.

26. Sivaratri-2.1

    1.The Story Of King Chitrabhanu-3.1.

    1. Spiritual Significance of the Ritual-5.

    Athmanathan: So it appears from what you say that the sight of the lights is not the final stage?

    Sastri: Oh no! That is only one step, albeit a difficult one.

Now think of how the story continues.

He goes home and feeds a stranger.

A stranger is one whom you have not seen before.

The stranger is no other than the hunter himself, transformed into a new person.

The food was the likes and dislikes which he had killed the previous night.

But he did not consume the whole of it.

A little still remained.

That was why he had to be reborn as King Chitrabhanu.

Going to the world of Shiva (Salokya) is not enough to prevent this.

There are other stages besides Salokya.

These are Samipya, Sarupya and finally Sayujya.

Have you not heard of Jaya and Vijaya returning from Vaikunta?

    Athmanathan: Yes, I have understood now.

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Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....