28- Vara Lakshmi Vrata-2-3.

 2- Special Observances - The Eclipse-3.

    Those who do Japa at the time of the eclipse derive great benefits.

The effect of Japa and Sankirtan during the eclipse contributes towards relieving the suffering of humanity and also of the planets.

These people receive the blessings of the gods.

They attain perfection quickly.

Those who wish to tap the subtle force locked in the Mantra that will cure scorpion stings should stand in water and repeat the appropriate Mantra.

    The little intellect cannot understand many things in this universe.

Hence, have faith in the words of sages.

    Ignorance has eclipsed Self-knowledge.

However, this eclipse will disappear.

You will shine in your own glory.

This is the spiritual significance of the eclipse.

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Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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