30. Philosophy of Idol Worship -10.1.

10. Vedanta and Idol Worship.1.

    A pseudo-Vedantin feels ashamed to bow before an idol in the temple.

He feels that his Advaita (attitude of oneness) will evaporate if he prostrates himself.

Study the lives of the reputed Tamil saints—Appar, Sundarar, Sambandhar, and others.

They all had the highest Advaitic realisation.

They saw Lord Shiva everywhere.

Yet, they visited all temples of Shiva, prostrated before the idol and sang hymns which are on record till today.

The sixty-three Nayanar saints solely practised the worship of the idols of Shiva and attained God-consciousness thereby.

They swept the floor of the temple, collected flowers, made garlands for the Lord and put lights in the temple.

They were illiterate, but attained the highest realisation.

They were practical Yogis and their hearts were saturated with pure devotion.

They were embodiments of Karma Yoga.

All practised the Yoga of synthesis.

The idol was all consciousness to them, not a mere block of stone.

    Madhusudana Swami, who had Advaitic realisation, who beheld oneness of the Self and who had the feeling of oneness with all creation, was intensely attached to the form of Lord Krishna with flute in His hands.

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ....

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