30. Philosophy of Idol Worship -10.2.

10. Vedanta and Idol Worship.2.

    Tulsidas realised the all-pervading essence.

He had Cosmic Consciousness.

He communed with the all-pervading, formless Lord.

And yet, his passion for Lord Rama with bow in His hand did not vanish.

When he was at Brindavan, beholding the idol of Lord Krishna with flute in hand, he said, “I will not bow my head to this form.”

At once Lord Krishna’s form assumed the form of Lord Rama.

Then only he bowed his head.

    Tukaram also had the same cosmic experience as that of Tulsidas.

He sings in one of his songs: “I see my Lord all-pervading, just as sweetness pervades the sugar-cane”, and yet, he always speaks of his Lord Vittala of Pandharpur with His hands on the hips. Mirabai also realised her identity with the all-pervading Krishna, and yet she was not tired of repeating again and again, “My Giridhar Nagar!”

Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ....

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