30. Philosophy of Idol Worship -10.3.

10. Vedanta and Idol Worship.3.

    From the above facts, we can clearly infer that one can realise God through worship of the idol; that the idol is a great aid for the realisation of the Lord in His all-pervading, formless aspect also; that the worship of the idol is very essential for the purpose of concentration and meditation in the beginning; and that such a worship is not in any way a hindrance to the attainment of God-realisation.

    Those who vehemently attack idol worship are groping in extreme darkness and ignorance, and have no real knowledge of worship.

They enter into unnecessary, vain debates and discussions against idol worship to show that they are learned persons.

They have not done any real Sadhana at all.

They are persons who have made idle talking and tall talk their habit and profession.

They have ruined themselves.

They have unsettled the minds of countless persons and ruined them also.

The whole world worships idols alone in some form or another.

    The mind is disciplined in the beginning by fixing it on a concrete object or symbol.

When it is rendered steady and subtle, it can be fixed on an abstract idea such as Aham Brahma Asmi. As one advances in meditation, the form melts in the formless and one becomes absorbed in the formless essence.

The worship of idols is, therefore, not contrary to the view of Vedanta.

It is rather an aid to the highest Vedantic realisation.

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Swami Sivananda
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