30. Philosophy of Idol Worship -11.

11. Conclusion.

Idol worship is only the beginning of religion.

Certainly it is not its end,

The same Hindu scriptures which prescribe idol worship for beginners, also speak of meditation on the Infinite or the Absolute and contemplation on the significance of Tat Twam Asi for advanced aspirants.

    There are different grades of worship.

The supreme state is Self-realisation.

Second in rank is meditation on the Supreme Self.

The third is the worship of symbols.

The fourth is the performance of rituals and pilgrimages to holy places.

The Shastras, the Gurus, are like kind mothers.

They take hold of the hands of the aspirants and take them step by step till they are established in the highest superconscious state.

Glory to the Hindu Rishis who take aspirants from the lower to the higher form of worship!

    Beloved children of the Lord!

Shed your ignorant disbelief this moment.

Enshrine supreme, unshakable, living faith in your heart this very moment.

Recall to your mind the glorious examples of saints of the past.

They believed, and they reaped the rich spiritual harvests.

You too can enjoy great peace, happiness and prosperity here, and attain Him here and now if you have faith in idol worship.


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Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ....

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