30. Philosophy of Idol Worship--3-3.

 3. A Medium for Establishing Communion With God-3.

    However intellectual one may be, one cannot concentrate without the help of some symbol.

An intellectual or a learned person may say on account of his pride and vanity :-

“I do not like an idol. I do not wish to concentrate on a form.”

He cannot concentrate on the formless One.

He thinks that people will laugh at him when they come to know that he is meditating on an idol.

He never does any meditation on the formless One.

He simply talks and argues and poses.

He wastes his life in unnecessary discussions only.

An ounce of practice is better than tons of theories.

    Intellect is a hindrance in the vast majority of intellectual persons.

They say that the existence of Brahmam is guess-work, the superconscious state is a bluff and Self-realisation is an imagination of the Vedantins.

Deluded souls! They are steeped in ignorance.

They are carded away by their secular knowledge which is mere husk when compared to the knowledge of the Self.

There is no hope of salvation for such people.

First, their wrong impressions should be flushed by good impressions through Satsang.

Then only will they realise their mistakes.

May the Lord bestow on them clear understanding and thirsting for real knowledge!

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Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  .....

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