30. Philosophy of Idol Worship--4.2

4. A Symbol of God-2.

    A piece of ordinary white paper or coloured paper has no value.

You throw it away.

But, if there is the stamp of the Government on the paper (currency note), you keep it safe in your money pocket or trunk.

Even so, an ordinary piece of stone has no value for you.

You throw it away.

But, if you behold the stone idol of Lord Krishna at Pandharpur or any other idol in shrines, you bow your head with folded palms, because there is the stamp of the Beloved Lord on the stone.

The devotee superimposes on the stone idol his own Lord and all His attributes.

    When you worship an image, you do not say : -

“This image has come from Jaipur. It was bought by Prabhu Singh. Its weight is 50 lbs. It is made of white marble. It has cost me Rs.500.”

No! You superimpose all the attributes of the Lord on the image and pray : -

“O Inner Ruler! You are all-pervading. You are omnipotent, omniscient and all-merciful. You are the source of everything. You are eternal, unchanging. You are the life of my life, the Soul of my soul! Give me light and knowledge! Let me dwell in Thee for ever!”

    When your devotion and meditation become intense and deep, you do not see the stone image.

You behold the Lord only who is pure Consciousness. Image worship is very necessary for beginners.

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Swami Sivananda
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