30. Philosophy of Idol Worship -7.

7- Unveiling the Divinity in the Idol

    Regular worship and other modes of demonstrating our inner feeling of recognition of divinity in the idol unveil the Divinity latent in it.

This is truly a wonder and a miracle.

The picture comes to life.

The idol speaks.

It will answer your questions and solve your problems.

The God in you has the power to awaken the latent Divinity in the idol.

It is like a powerful lens that focuses the sun’s rays onto a bundle of cotton.

The lens is not fire and the cotton is not fire either, nor can the sun’s rays by themselves burn the cotton.

However, when all three are brought together in a particular manner, fire is generated and the cotton is burnt.

Similar is the case with the idol, the aspirant, and the all-pervading Divinity.

The idol is the lens which brings into focus the all-pervading rays of Divinity and lights up the aspirant with divine illumination.

    God is enshrined in the idol. From here, He will protect you in a special manner.

The idol will perform miracles.

The place where it is installed is at once transformed into a temple, nay, a Vaikunta or Kailas in reality.

Those who live in such a place are freed from miseries, from diseases, from failures and from worldliness itself.

The awakened Divinity in the idol acts as a guardian angel blessing all, conferring the highest good on those who bow to it.

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Swami Sivananda
 To be continued  ....

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