30. Philosophy of Idol Worship -9.2.

9. When Idols Become Alive-2.

Kanaka Das was a great devotee of Lord Krishna in Udipi, in the district of South Kanara, in South India.

He was not allowed to enter the temple on account of his low birth.

Kanaka Das went round the temple and saw a small window at the back of the temple.

He seated himself in front of the window.

He was soon lost in singing songs in praise of Lord Krishna.

Many people gathered round him.

They were very powerfully attracted by the sweet melody of his music and the depth of his devotion.

Lord Krishna turned round to enable Kanaka Das to get His Darshan.

The priests were struck with wonder.

Even today, pilgrims are shown the window and the place where Kanaka Das sat and sang.

    The idol is the same as the Lord, for it is the vehicle of the expression of the Mantra-consciousness which is the Deity.

The devotee should regard the idol in the temple with the same attitude of respect and reverence that he would evince should the Lord Himself appear before him in person and speak to him in articulate sound.

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Swami Sivananda
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