All About Bharatiya Sanatana Dharmam otherwise known as Hinduism :

     1.The Scriptures : 12
12. The Six Darsanas.2

The Sutras are terse and laconic.

The Rishis have condensed their thoughts in the aphorisms.

It is very difficult to understand them without the help of commentaries by great sages or Rishis.

Hence, there arose many commentators or Bhashyakaras.

There are glosses, notes and, later, commentaries on the original commentaries.

The Shad-Darsanas (the six schools of philosophy) or the Shat-Sastras are: the NYAYA, founded by Gautama Rishi, the VAISESHIKA by Kanada Rishi, the SANKHYA by Kapila Muni, the YOGA by Patanjali Maharshi, the PURVA MIMAMSA by Jaimini, and the UTTARA MIMAMSA or VEDANTA by Badarayana or Vyasa.

The Darsanas are divided into three pairs of aphoristic compositions which explain the philosophy of the Vedas in a rationalistic method of approach.

They are: 1. the Nyaya and the Vaiseshika,  2. the Sankhya and the Yoga, and the 3. Mimamsa and the Vedanta.

Each set of Sutras has got its 1. Bhashya, 2. Vritti,  3. Varttika,  4. Vyakhyana or Tika and  5. Tippani.

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