All About Bharatiya Sanatana Dharmam otherwise known as Hinduism : Ch-3.8.2.

  8. Non violence-2.

Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism lay great stress on Ahimsa.
Lord Jesus also has emphasised much on Ahimsa in his Sermon on the Mount.
He says: “If anyone beats you on one cheek, show him the other cheek also.”

He who is firmly established in Ahimsa can hope to attain Self-realisation.
He who practises Ahimsa develops cosmic love to a maximum degree.
Practice of Ahimsa eventually leads to realisation of oneness or unity of Self.
Such a man only can attain self-restraint. Retaliation—tooth for tooth, blow for blow—is the maxim, doctrine or principle of an Asura or a man of diabolic nature.
This belongs to the beastly nature.
To return good for evil is divine.
Constant vigilance and alertness are needed in the practice of Ahimsa.
If you are careless even a bit, you will be carried away by the force of previous wrong Samskaras and impulses and will become a victim of Himsa, despite your good intentions.

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Swami Sivananda
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