All About Bharatiya Sanatana Dharmam otherwise known as Hinduism : Ch-4.6.1




6. The Foundation - Principles - Of Hindu Ethics - 1.

The ethics of the Hindus is subtle, sublime and profound.

All religions have taught ethical precepts such as : -

“Do not kill, do not injure others, love your neighbour as your self,” but they have not given the reason.

The basis of Hindu ethics is this : -

“There is one all-pervading Atman. It is the innermost soul of all beings. This is the common, pure consciousness. If you injure your neighbour, you really injure yourself. If you injure any other creature, you really injure yourself, because the whole world is nothing but your own Self.”

This is Hindu ethics. This is the basic metaphysical truth that underlies all Hindu ethical codes.

Swami Sivananda
To be continued ..