All About Bharatiya Sanatana Dharmam otherwise known as Hinduism : Ch : 5- 6&7.



6. The Glory Of Selfless Work & 7.The Doctrine Of Reincarnation.

6.The Glory Of Selfless Work

Selfish Karma leads you to rebirth and rebirth generates new Karma while working off the old. Get rid of Karma if you wish to get rid of the miseries of rebirth. Selfless work will not bind you. It will purify your heart and lead to the descent of the divine light and grace. Understand the Law of Karma and the law of cause and effect. Think rightly. Act nobly. Meditate regularly and attain eternal bliss and immortality.

7.The Doctrine Of Reincarnation

The doctrine of reincarnation or transmigration of souls is a fundamental tenet of Hinduism. The word reincarnation literally means embodiment again, coming again into a physical body. The individual soul takes again a fleshy covering. The word transmigration means passing from one place to another—passing into a new body.

The Sanskrit term Samsara is derived from the Sanskrit root Sr, which means ‘to pass’. The prefix Sam means ‘intensely’. The individual soul passes repeatedly through this world and other subtle higher worlds. This repeated passing of souls—Samsriti—is what is really meant by the term Samsara.

Samsara exists in order that the individual soul may learn to realise itself.

Man contains within himself infinite possibilities. The magazine of power and wisdom is within him. He has to unfold the divinity within. This is the object of living and dying.

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Swami Sivananda


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